Kite Fly this weekend! 12 – 4 at the LaVista Sports Complex

We are looking forward to another great fly in LaVista this weekend (68th and Harrison, at the LaVista Sports Complex), Great weather at this time is expected, and if it is like last weekend, it will be a great day to be out and flying. Please come out to the festival, as there will be more candy drops and as always, kites in the sky! Come join us to fly your own kite, however, please be mindful of the request of the club to fly in designated areas. Our kites are expensive, and need to stay by themselves, as our lines can easily be cut by smaller line. If you have any questions ask one of our members for more clarification. We encourage the public to interact with us, and if you ask nice, we will take you onto our field to see the kites up close, but our insurance does require that you are escorted by one of the club members.


New Pictures posted from Papillion April 27 Fly

Randy Fox's banners

New pictures have been posted int he picture gallery from the Papillion fly. A very talented photographer was more than generous to supply pictures she took of the festival. The Papillion fly was highly successful! We had pictures taken by a very talented photographer, Julanne Kowalski. Her blog is here, Check her out, as not only are her kite pictures good, but all of her pictures show exceptional talent!

Kite Fly Dates this weekend

There is two festivals this weekend we will be flying at, in Papillion and Bellevue, but this is VERY DEPENDENT on weather. Please check the forecast before coming out, we will try to also post to the website if these events will occur.

Spring Festival Season is Here!

So as the winter has finally lost its grip on the midwest, so this gives way to our favorite time of year, Kite festival season!. We have quite a few coming up in the next few weeks, from 2 on April 26th in Bellevue and Papillion, to our annual LaVista fly. We will also be at Lake Zorinsky on Friday night, May 8th for the City of Omaha’s Spring into Summer event. This will be great, there are bands, as well as many family friendly items to do that Friday. Come out and enjoy what fun and adventures our Metro area has to offer over the next few weeks!