New Pictures posted from Papillion April 27 Fly

Randy Fox's banners

New pictures have been posted int he picture gallery from the Papillion fly. A very talented photographer was more than generous to supply pictures she took of the festival. The Papillion fly was highly successful! We had pictures taken by a very talented photographer, Julanne Kowalski. Her blog is here, Check her out, as not only are her kite pictures good, but all of her pictures show exceptional talent!

Kite Fly Dates this weekend

There is two festivals this weekend we will be flying at, in Papillion and Bellevue, but this is VERY DEPENDENT on weather. Please check the forecast before coming out, we will try to also post to the website if these events will occur.

Spring Festival Season is Here!

So as the winter has finally lost its grip on the midwest, so this gives way to our favorite time of year, Kite festival season!. We have quite a few coming up in the next few weeks, from 2 on April 26th in Bellevue and Papillion, to our annual LaVista fly. We will also be at Lake Zorinsky on Friday night, May 8th for the City of Omaha’s Spring into Summer event. This will be great, there are bands, as well as many family friendly items to do that Friday. Come out and enjoy what fun and adventures our Metro area has to offer over the next few weeks!

New 2015 Flying Schedule is posted

While 2015 is almost one month old already, we are only now getting to our fly schedule and getting it out to the public. Some highlights for us will be the addition of an annual fly in Omaha at Youngman lake in the fall. We hope to get this fly twice a year similar to what we do today in Papillion and La Vista.  Enjoy the winter, because this weather will allow us only to appreciate the other seasons just that much more! See you soon -MDW…

Successful fly for One Sky One World

And the Candy Rains from the SkyCandy Raining from the Sky. This was one of the fun times kids had on Sunday, along with a kite give away and  flying with others. The wind was great, the day was cloudy and the temperature a bit cold, but for 2014, the flying year finished on a high note. While the temp may have been a little low, the day ended up a success with many parents and kids having fun all the same. Aaron King, Don Murphy and Jeff Kuhns collaborated to string a line of six Mega Fish into the sky. While we are sure this has probably happened other places, we really doubt that this many mega fish have ever been in the sky at such a small festival ever before. There was plenty to see in the sky this year, from Don’s Alligators to Aarons Lobster and Gecko along with Randy’s great Banners and Johns Pirate motif kite. Todd and Jeff were out Stunt kite flying, and Doug as well.  La Vista City Parks and Recreation supplied the bags of candy, and every hour on the hour we let it fall.  We within the club would like to thank you the public for making this event successful. We would also like to thank you for all of the events this year, and appreciate your attendance.

Next year we have plenty of events lined up, from La Vista, to Papillion and Bellevue, and the City of Omaha again in 2015.   We are looking forward to another year of flying and all plan to spend the winter repairing, creating, and planning for the upcoming year.  Thank you to one and all. Most of all, thank you to all of the members of the club that made this busy year come off well.

Join us for the One Sky One World Fly in LaVista this Sunday, October 12

Kids under the CaterpillarWhile the fall festivals are winding down, we have one more flying opportunity for the Omaha area before we are done for the year. This weekend in La Vista, on Sunday, at the La Vista Sports complex, right off of 68th & Harrison. We will be there from Noon to 4 pm, there will be Candy Drops, 1, 2, and 3 pm as well as a kite vendor and places to fly your own kites. Its amazing how fast the year has gone, and we will be getting our kites repaired and patched for next year. The winter will be upon us quickly, we will have many other opportunities for fun and activities in 2015. We are working hard with the communities in and around Omaha to get many more chances for you to see our kites and enjoy a day at a local park. If you attend these functions, please say something to our local Parks and recreation departments, as without these key individuals, we would not get this opportunity to share with the public! Enjoy La Vista this weekend, and thank you for

Youngman Park Kite Fly was a success

Flying at Youngman Park

While we do not usually get good winds in August, Saturday, August 23rd proved to be very good wind for a kite festival. The winds sustained at 12 – 15 mph which made for a great afternoon of flying. We had a great time, and look forward to a partnership in the future with the city of Omaha getting a regular fly scheduled. While we had 7 of our members come out and fly, there were quite a few kids and families join us on a great day of flying. There were other things to do at the festival, such as fishing, rock climbing and many other organizations that shared their mission with the public. We look forward to the fall season coming up that includes Ditmar’s orchard, La Vista, and Papillion. Please come out to join us, as we always have room for more! Thanks to Family Fun in Omaha ( ) for the picture. You will find also, this picture and others on our Pictures page.

Two events this weekend!

We have an event this weekend at the rivers edge park from 2 – 5 PM

We will help you fly your kites, and there will be other surprises

Check for more information.

Sunday May 4th is our annual kite fly in LaVista at 68th and Harrison.

Please come join us and enjoy the large show kites and stunt kite flyers for an entertaining day.