More pictures from Papillion, Nebraska fly on April 27, 2015

Pictures from April 27, 2015


Aaron's Kites flying at Youngman park 192nd & Dodge

Aaron’s Kites flying at Youngman park 192nd & Dodge

Flying at Youngman Park

Flying at Youngman Park

Club Kites at Youngman Park

Kites at Youngman Park Lewis and Clark Finale – August 23, 2014

Wide angle of Youngman park

More Kites from the Finale

Revs at Youngman

Stunt Kites at the event

Club stunt kite flyers

Stunt Pilots Todd and Doug

Dons fun house at Youngman

Don’t Gators and Fish

Dons Alligator and Fish

Don’s Gators

Fun in Papillion

Papillion Fall Fly, October 5, 2014

Kids under the Caterpillar

Kids having fun under the Caterpillar in Papillion

String of Fish in LaVista

6 Fish from Behind at La Vista

Aaron's Lobster

The Lobster!

Lobster Butt!

Ever Seen a Lobster Butt up close?

Fall LaVista Fly 2014

La Vista Fall Fly – One Sky One World, 2014

Aaron King's Lobster and Gecko

Aaron King’s Lobster and Gecko

A String of 6 Mega Fish in La Vista 10/12/2014

A String of 6 Mega Fish in La Vista 10/12/2014 One Sky One World

Randy's Banners

Randy Fox’s Banners Brighten Even a Cloudy Day

Jeff and Aaron adding the 6th Fish

Jeff and Aaron work on adding the 6th Fish to the line

One Sky, One World, 2014

One Sky, One World, October 12, 2014 La Vista , Nebraska

Spectator Enjoying her Kite

Fun flying a kite!

The Great Candy Drop Aftermath

The Great Candy Drop Aftermath

And the Candy Rains from the Sky

Don and Jeff take cover as the candy rains from the sky to the delight of the children.

The Magical Candy Drop Bag

The Magical Candy drop bag

All Ready to get their Candy

Ready? Set? Grab Candy!!

Fun Under Don's Caterpillar

Fun Under Don’s Caterpillar

Watching The Sky from afar

La Vista October 12, 2014 One Sky, One World

John Hlavacek's Pirate Kite and Tails

Arrrgh, John’s Pirate Kite



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